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The Benefits of an ISO 50001 Energy Management System

15 Sep 2020

Developing sustainable energy management practices is a necessity for any business. ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard that can help you to achieve that. Created by energy management experts from more than 60 countries, the standard supports businesses to meet environmental requirements, save energy and reduce costs.

Business benefits of implementing ISO 50001

Legal compliance

ISO 50001 requires that your energy management system conforms to the relevant legislation and that you communicate your legal obligations to employees and other interested parties.


  • Greater levels of compliance to energy legislation.
  • Reduced risk of incurring energy-related fines and prosecutions, and lower insurance premiums.
  • Increased ability to proactively identify and address issues ahead of legislative changes.
  • Improved reputation and stakeholder trust.

Energy savings

The process of implementing ISO 50001 helps to identify how much energy you use, where it is used and whether any energy is being wasted. The standard requires that you implement effective controls to manage your energy use and continually identify areas for improvement.


  • Cost savings through improved energy management.
  • More ethically sound and cost-effective procurement procedures.
  • Reduced waste and increased efficiency.
  • Sustainable energy use in the face of rising costs.

ISO 50001 Gap analysis Service

Our ISO lead auditors will visit you on-site to measure the performance of your existing systems and processes against the requirements of the ISO standard. We will produce a detailed report to identify any gaps, make recommendations and estimate timescale and costs. NDC can support your team throughout the whole implementation and certification process.

UKAS Certification ISO50001 Energy Management

NDC’s qualified lead auditors can support you and your team to understand the standard’s requirements and implement an energy management system that meets UKAS requirements.  We focus on making the process straightforward and structured, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Non – UKAS Certification ISO50001 Energy Management

Our ISO certification scheme demonstrates that your organisation is working to ISO50001 which is widely accepted by most organisations. Registering with our certification scheme will bring significant cost savings over the life span of your energy management system. It’s designed for companies who wish to demonstrate conformity to the standard without committing to the initial and ongoing certification costs that are associated with a UKAS accredited schemes.

No matter where you are on your energy journey, if you’re awarded one of our own ISO50001 certificates it means you have met the requirements of the standard.  You will receive a ‘Certificate of Conformity’ which can be used to promote certification on your stationary and website.  You can transition from our non-accredited scheme to a full UKAS accredited scheme at any time. Simply let us know, and we can assist you with transition.

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