NDC Global Auditors Brings Training Services to Wiltshire

It’s been a busy and exciting start to the year for us here at NDC Global Auditors. In February, we moved from our Swindon offices to Trowbridge, where we have set up a Wiltshire Training Academy. Businesses across Wiltshire can now access a wide range of open access training courses that will help them to stay legally compliant.

Helping You to Achieve ISO and GDPR Compliance

Businesses are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate legal compliance in areas such as quality, information security, environmental management, and health and safety. Achieving ISO certification allows businesses to demonstrate best practice and strive for continual improvement. More and more organisations are recognising this, and the need to put systems and training in place to protect their business. In response to this growing need, NDC has expanded its service offering to help businesses achieve their goals across all core areas of legal compliance.

What’s New?

Open Access Courses

In addition to our on-site consultancy and training services, we now offer a full range of open access training courses at our Wiltshire Training Academy, and at the Pilgrims Academy in Redhill, Surrey.

Our courses cover all aspects of compliance in relation to:

  • Information security
  • Health, Safety, Fire and First Aid
  • Environmental Management
  • ISO Standards

You can find our full range of training services on our website.

Information Security and GDPR Services

With the GDPR on the horizon, and the increasing sophistication of cyber-crime technology, information security is a growing concern for businesses of all types and sizes. To help our clients protect this aspect of their business, we have expanded our services to include ISO 27001 Information Security Management, and in particular, support for the new GDPR.

For more information on our consultancy and training services, please email info@ndcmanagement.co.uk or call us on 0333 939 8797.

ISO 50001 audit tool

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