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Redundant IT equipment is putting security at risk?

13 Jul 2022

We know, from talking to a lot of businesses, that during the pandemic there was immense pressure on IT departments to supply company laptops and mobile devices to staff so they could work from home.

And, although companies implement security protocols and have remote monitoring of devices, there is obviously some concern about the number of potentially redundant devices still being held at home.

Laptops, PC’s and redundant devices that are powered down for long periods of time can lead to information and data security risks. Also this may result in serious vulnerabilities that could result in data loss or breaches.

Protect all your IT assets

To protect your company’s IT security and data you need to implement the following processes:

• Identify all redundant IT equipment at home
• Identify which equipment needs to be returned
• Identify which equipment needs system wipe/update
• Identify all defective equipment for destruction / disposal
• Identify the physical location of damaged smart phones

It therefore makes sense to ask your team members to do a little housekeeping to support your IT department’s efforts to get a clearer picture of these assets.

With Assettagged from NDC, you can maintain control over your assets by placing QR codes on all of your IT equipment. This means users can easily add information about their equipment, which will allow IT departments to monitor device status and take appropriate actions.

Effective IT Asset management in 4 easy steps
Step 1. You send Assettagged QR codes to people who have company IT equipment at home and ask that they attach them to each device.

Step 2. Staff members download the Assettagged app and register their user account.

Step 3. The QR codes are scanned by staff members on their mobile device so they can update the location, asset condition, and status of each device.

Step 4. Your IT department can review all equipment and identify any redundant equipment for recall or installation of remote monitoring software.

If you would like a demo of the Assettagged platform please click here to arrange a convenient time.

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