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What worries your staff about coming back to work?

05 Mar 2021

Our working lives changed enormously when lockdown started. And as lockdown eases, working lives for us and our staff will change again. 

There may be a lot of mixed feelings about coming back into the workplace. For some it might be relief that they are finally getting back to normality. However, for others there might be the feeling of resentment or even anger that they are being forced back too soon. 

For many, there will certainly be concerns about commuting on crowded public transport and maintaining social distancing once they return to the work . 

And having been away from colleagues for so long,  there may be a degree of anxiety about having to re forge working relationships and dealing with people face to face. Especially when new hires may have only been met in online meetings.

It is why the need for better psychosocial health and safety management within the workplace is so important. And this is what the new ISO 45003 intends to achieve, through proper regulation and the promotion of best practices at work. 

Delivering ISO 45003 in the workplace

Our partner, T-Cup, has developed CheckUp,  which helps organisations of any size to build wellbeing initiatives within their business. And it provides a clear way to demonstrate compliance under ISO45001 and ISO45003.

Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, CheckUp offers a simple framework to rapidly track real-time data on the Health, Happiness & Success of your people. This will help your organisation develop a framework to measure mental health and wellbeing and implement controls to mitigate impacts.

Find out where your company sits on the Global Wellbeing Index.

Join us at one of our Free Webinars and receive a Free CheckUp Baseline Report* worth £200. Prior to the webinar we will ask you to complete a ‘CheckUp’ so we can give you the CheckUp Baseline report. At the webinar you’ll discover the science behind the report and the value for your people.

What you’ll also learn?

 Ian Fielding (NDC) will discuss how organisations who already have ISO45001 can achieve compliance under ISO45003 with T-Cup’s revolutionary framework for wellbeing.

 Lee Mears and Edwyn Van Rooyen from T-Cup will share their experiences ranging from Elite Sport to the corporate environment and what organisations can learn from the process ‘Reflect, Insight, Action, Repeat.’ 

Book your CheckUp Baseline report and webinar place now.

 We have places available for webinars on Wednesday 31 March and Tuesday 4 May.

Sign up and start the journey to discovering more about your staff.

*In order to generate your CheckUp Baseline Report you will need to complete your CheckUp at least 10 days prior to the webinar event. T-Cup will be in touch with webinar bookers for each date to arrange their free CheckUp.

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