GDPR Security Seminar: Roadmap to Compliance
Please find below information about our speakers, links to download the slides used on the day and recordings of each talk. We hope you enjoy the recordings and that you gain all the information you need to start making your company GDPR compliant.


Maggie Slevin
Business Development & Key Account
Manager - Lloyd’s Register
Maggie has worked for Lloyd's Register for over five years and supports UK and Global clients across all industry sectors. She has extensive experience in compliance and risk management, business effectiveness and management systems services.
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Paul Mason
IT Security, Eduction & Training
Specialist - Secarma
Paul is an ethical hacker and a deeply experienced educator His advice is regularly sought by government departments including Police Scotland, educational bodies and commercial clients requiring security testing.
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Daniel Olssen
Managing Director
With his 15 years’ working experience in HP, Daniel proved his extensive capability of leading ITSM projects migrations. 95 transformed complex clients World Wide. 312 Processes Developed.
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Ian Fielding
NDC Global Auditors
Ian has a wide range of experience within international business standards - ISO27001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and GDPR compliance. He is an information security management systems lead auditor and GDPR legal compliance consultant.
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Talk 1: Common GDPR challenges facing organisations

With just over three months until the May 25th deadline, Maggie Slevin, Business Development Manager at Lloyd’s Register addresses five of the most common challenges facing organisations during their GDPR compliance journey. She summarises each challenge and provides recommendations to help organisations mitigate risks to ensure compliance to the Regulation.

Daunted by GDPR? Lloyd's Register can help

We provide a range of training and assessment services that will help you understand GDPR, your role and responsibilities and help you to demonstrate compliance with the regulation.

Talk 2: GDPR and Cybersecurity

Data breaches form a key part of GDPR and security by design is now a requirement. In his talk Paul Mason, Head of Education at Secarma, discusses the threat landscape, the common pitfalls and the steps you need to take to protect your all-important data.

GDPR Preparedness Workshop

Do you need a wider understanding of GDPR and cybersecurity? Our upcoming GDPR Preparedness Workshop is for you.

Talk 3: Technical services to assist with compliance

Daniel Olsson, Managing Director at Soitron, tells you all you need to about mitigating the cybersecurity threats and the benefits of using technical service suppliers.

Technical services to assist with compliance

Reduce your digital footprint with the cloud, industrialise handling or GDPR requests.

Talk 4: Preparing for the GDPR

To help organisations become compliant by 25 May 2018, Maggie talks you through how to prepare for GDPR. From awareness and commitment of top management, employees and the Data Protection Officer, to understanding your data through data mapping and Data Protection Impact Assessments.

GDPR training

Lloyd’s Register provides a variety of GDPR training courses to support your organisation. From awareness eLearning and workshops, to more in-depth training that can be delivered in-house and tailored to your needs.

Talk 5: GDPR Implementation & Considerations

Implementing GDPR needs a number of considerations. In this talk Ian Fielding, Director at NDC Global Auditors, speaks about data subjects, controls and audits.

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Talk 6: How to demonstrate accountability to the GDPR

GDPR stipulates organisations should be able to demonstrate that their data processing is performed in accordance with the Regulation. Maggie provides an overview of the accountability concept in the GDPR and how organisations can demonstrate compliance by using a best practice approach, codes of conduct or management system certification.

GDPR guidance

Wherever you are in your GDPR compliance journey, Lloyd’s Register has resources to help and support you.