Appraisal & Performance Managment

Duration :

1 day

Course Overview

This course provides line managers with the tools for effective team management. It details a number of techniques for achieving effective and worthwhile performace appraisals.


Who Is It For?

This course is for line managers who have a direct responsibility for managing staff performance and conducting performance appraisals on a regular basis.

Course Content

    • The performance management framework
    • Dealing with issues
    • The informal process
    • Action plans and record keeping
    • Formal action
    • Conduct 'v' capability
    • Appeals
    • Dealing with the aftermath
    • Benefits of effective appraisals
    • Effective planning and preparation
    • What does a good appraisal look like
    • Information gathering
    • Questionning skills
    • Listening skills
    • Action plans
    • Barriers to an effective appraisal
    • Common mistakes during performance management and appraisals


    Price: £165 plus VAT

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