Confined Space - Emergency Rescue & Recovery from Confined Spaces (CS04/City & Guilds 6150-05)

Duration :

CS04 4 days / 6150-05 5 days

Course Overview

CS04 (Breathe Safety Ltd Accredited)
Our CS04 course equips delegates with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to perform rescue operations in a confined space environment. It starts with looking at medium and high risk confined spaces and the option to use working breathing apparatus before progressing into technical rescue and casualty care.

City & Guilds 6150-05
This course covers everything outlined in our CS04 course and provides delegates with a nationally recognised confined space rescue qualification. The 6150-05 course is followed by a full day’s assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge by an assessor and to City & Guilds criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: City & Guilds written paper requires ability to read and answer examination in English in exam conditions. We require proof of basic life preservation/first aid courses (also available).

All our instructors are fully qualified assessors, trained first aiders and have expert industry knowledge. Both courses provide successful delegates with a qualification that is valid for three years.


For employers:
This qualification gives the advantage of a suitably trained rescue team that can maximise the chances of the survival/best possible outcomes for a casualty should the need arise.

For delegates:
You will:


  • Develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to work safely within high risk confined spaces.
  • Qualify to operate or supervise a confined space rescue team.

Course Content

    In addition to CS02 Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (see relevant course):


    • Rescue Team roles and responsibilities
    • Safe use of rescue stretchers and casualty splinting devices
    • Safe use of basic casualty care equipment
    • Safe use and maintenance of resuscitation and defibrillation equipment
    • Augmenting air supply
    • Casualty assessment and basic life support for confined space casualties
    • Practical application of rescue techniques in vertical and horizontal extractions


    CS04 (4 days):
    £595.00 per person plus VAT
    6150-05 (5 days): £750.00 per person plus VAT & £38 per certificate
    Group/on-site courses available on request (up to 8 delegates)
    PLEASE NOTE:  If no current 6150-03 certificate is held then two qualifications and certification will be required.

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