Disciplinary & Grievance

Duration :

1 day

Course Overview

This one-day course highlights the responsibilities of disciplining officers during disciplinary hearings, and of managers when handling grievance issues. It explains how to comply with both legal and 'best practice' guidelines when conducting both processes.


Who Is It For?

This course is designed for line managers, supervisors and other employees who may need to deal with disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace.


This course will give your management team a shared understaning of disciplinary and grievance procedures and the legal framework. It will help to build delegates' confidence when faced with difficult cases, and support your organisation to avoid costly tribunals.

Course Content

    • What is discipline and grievance?
    • The informal disciplinary meeting
    • Performance management (action) plan and SMARTER targets
    • Disciplinary 'v' capability
    • Policies abd the ACAS Code of Practice
    • The disciplinary procedure
    • The appeal
    • The (formal) disciplinary hearing
    • The grievance procedure
    • The informal grievance meeting
    • The (formal) grievance hearing
    • Tribunals
    • Situational questions


    Price: £165.00 plus VAT

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