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Health & Safety legislation and regulations can be overwhelming to business owners and managers. NDC’s experienced team of safety consultants will help you navigate through this complex area to protect your business against litigation claims and fines.



We will provide you with all the tools and advice you need to stay legally compliant, starting with a complete review of the way you manage Health & Safety in your workplace by a qualified consultant to highlight any areas of non-compliance. On the back of this, we will provide you with a report to advise how to stay compliant and safe, as well as a bespoke Health & Safety management system including procedures and annual safety audits. 



Workplace risk assessment can often be a daunting task – it’s usually a long and complex process that needs to be repeated or updated on a regular basis. We understand that most business owners have not been trained in the legal requirements, nor have the time to conduct these regularly. As an NDC client you will have complete peace of mind as we provide you with the expert advice and tools needed to carry out workplace risk assessments in a simple and cost-effective way. Because your time is better spent working on your business.


You will receive a Health & Safety starter pack with a workplace risk assessment forms for each separate type of risk, including fire, manual handling, hazardous substances and specific employee risks.


The workplace risk assessment templates come with advice and guidance to help you fill them out correctly and, if required, you have the option to let us handle it all for you. It’s important to remember that risk assessments are vastly different depending on your industry, business type and the nature of work carried out – that is why our range of innovative mobile apps and online tools are used by over 10,000 users worldwide. We will help you improve safety in the workplace and stay legally compliant, regardless of industry.



An accident in the workplace could be both emotionally and financially devastating as the costs of a potential court case could spiral. Sadly, sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent an accident, but you can protect yourself from blame by taking all practical steps to reduce the risk of workplace accidents. At NDC we believe three simple rules underpin good Health & Safety at work:


 1 (circled) Identify the risks – All businesses carry different risks, and so Health & Safety at work can include risk assessments for hazardous substances, fire, manual handling or specific equipment. Regardless, NDC provides guidance on completing all the different types of assessment needed.


2 (circled) Keep good records – It’s vital that a business keeps detailed records of risk assessments, visitors, fire inspections and any previous incidents. If the worst should happen, this will help demonstrate your commitment to the effective management of health and safety and help defend your company in the event of legal action being taken. HSE Manager’s online resource centre facilities the management of all collected data and stores it centrally for easy access.


3 (circled) Ask an expert – As an NDC client, you can ask our experts directly through the advice line. We can also provide bespoke training courses to enhance understanding and improve management of Health & Safety.


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You will also gain access to telephone advice service supported by qualified Health & Safety consultants.

for further details please call a member of our team on 0844 826 6006 for further information.


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