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Managing H&S obligations.

According to the HSE, there were 69,208 company-reported non-fatal workplace injuries to employees in Great Britain in 2018/19. The cost of occupational illness and accidents at work, in the same period, was calculated as £16.2billion!

Apart from the devastating impact on people, poor OHS management can have many negative effects on organisations - the loss of key employees, business interruption, claims, insurance premiums, regulatory action, reputational damage, loss of investors and, ultimately, the loss of business.

ISO45001 provides a clear framework in which to manage your regulatory and legal obligations. It requires that you review and communicate your legal obligations to your workforce and other interested parties and involve them in the development of your Occupational health and safety Management System (OHSMS).

Read more about ISO45001 here or read our FAQ section.

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Certification that is geared to your business

The NDC scheme has been created by talking to customers and developing our procedures based on their needs. It is also designed to deliver significant cost savings over the lifetime of your management system by reducing the number of audit days on site.

Our aim is to make the certification process as simple and efficient as possible, thereby increasing the productivity of your employees and reducing your workload. As such we are at the forefront of using a combination of free, easy-to-use, technology and our own cutting-edge platform ISOcomply (If you certify with or switch to NDC you will get a free user account and full systems training).

On the successful completion of your ISO45001 audit with NDC, you will receive a ‘certificate of conformity’ along with compliance logo’s which can be used to promote your success - on your company vehicles, stationery and website.

For further details on ISO45001 certification or switching your certification to NDC please contact us on 0333 939 8797.


ISOcomply will help you to manage ISO45001 occupational health and safety compliance in the workplace.

Report incidents, share risk assessments and access workplace equipment test, inspection and maintenance records. Manage assets, training and competence records and share with contractors and sub-contractors.

Certify for ISO45001 with our easy 4 Steps approach

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All organisations have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety. It should be part of the everyday process of running an business and an integral part of workplace actions and attitudes.

Whatever your industry, or the size or nature of your organisation, the keys to effectively managing for health and safety are:

  • Leadership and management (including appropriate business processes) and
  • A trained/skilled workforce operating in
  • An environment where people are trusted and involved

These elements should be underpinned by an understanding of the profile of risks the organisation faces.

Successful delivery can rarely be achieved by one-off interventions. A sustained and systematic approach is necessary.

Any health and safety management system should contain the steps Plan, Do, Check, Act (Act means to learn and improve from experience). However, the success of whatever process or system is in place hinges on the attitudes and behaviours of people in the organisation.

The fact is ISO standards are voluntary. There is no requirement in ISO Standards for you to be externally audited. The ISO simply demand that you evidence that audits take place covering each clause of the standard.

However, having ISO certification demonstrates that your organisation’s occupational health & safety management system has been independently audited and meets the requirements of ISO45001 which can benefit your organisation in competitive pitches.

If you have chosen to go through the certification process, there are a few things that will need to be completed before the auditors come to perform their final certification audit. You will need to take care that the following actions have been taken:

  • All processes implemented – As not all processes are documented, you will need to ensure that all the processes you need within the OHSMS are in place.
  • OHSMS settled – In order to audit you will need to have adequate records to demonstrate how your processes work.
  • All processes audited – One of the key processes to evaluate your OHSMS performance is the internal audit.
  • Management review completed – It is expected that you will have performed at least one management review of the OHSMS to verify effectiveness and efficiency and to assess resource allocation.
  • Corrective actions taken – When nonconformities are found, it is expected that you will have taken corrective actions to remove the nonconformity and prevent it from happening again.
  • Improvements demonstrated – What are you doing to make your OHSMS better?

With the right preparation and a good understanding of what is required for ISO45001, most organisations can expect to achieve certification within 3 to 6 months depending on their size and complexity.

We are at the forefront of using the latest innovations to make the certification process as efficient as possible, therefore increasing the productivity of employees. Our ISO45001 certification service is also designed to deliver significant cost savings over the life span of your environmental management system by reducing the number of audit days on site.

By using a combination of free, easy-to-use, technology we enable real-time collaboration whether staff are working on-site, at multiple locations or working from home. Rather than have a lot of time intensive face-to-face meetings co-workers can share screens, documents, join meetings and stream high-quality video to enable real-time collaboration. In general, annual certification will cost £1k-£1.3

ISO (the International Standards Organisation) do not demand or promote UKAS certification. In fact, they recognise and acknowledge that organisations can self-certify, or obtain independent verification to demonstrate that standards are being met.

Non UKAS providers (NDC) help achieve the same objective with less bureaucracy and greater efficiency as they are free to innovate and adapt and work independently of UKAS and the EU.

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