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statement of impartiality

Statement of Impartiality (Management Principles)

1. NDC Certification Services Ltd (hereinafter known as NDC), its Directors, Managers, Staff and other persons involved in the Certification of Organisations fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking any certification or audit activities.

2. NDC are committed to impartiality and as such has developed and implemented procedures to manage, identify, analyse and document all possibilities for potential conflict of interests that may emerge from its Certification and / or business activities. NDC shall not undertake any actions that it considers to create an unacceptable threat to impartiality.

3. When certain relations create unacceptable threats to impartiality then the Certification shall not be conducted. NDC shall not certify another Certification Body for its activities relating to Management System Certification.

4. When potential threats to impartiality arise, NDC eliminates or mitigates those threats. This process is controlled by NDC's Safeguarding of Impartiality.

5. Where possible, NDC will make sure that personnel who have provided consultancy or internal audits in the previous two years, shall not take part in certification activities, unless more than two years have passed.

6. NDC take actions to respond to any threats to our impartiality arising from any external actions.

7. NDC Certification Services Ltd is a conformity assessment body (CAB) and as such works in accordance with ISO 17021 standards to demonstrate impartiality as set out by the International Organization for Standardization ISO

8. All NDC staff shall act impartially and shall not allow financial, commercial or other pressures to compromise their impartiality and have been instructed to report any situations that might result in threats to impartiality.

9. NDC Certification Services Ltd are not a national accreditation body (NAB) and those who seek certification for laboratories, testing or calibration should satisfy themselves that certification is appropriate for its intended use or application.

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