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GDPR Compliance Software

Data mapping will help you comply with various GDPR obligations and other applicable privacy laws and regulations.

As organizations grapple with the challenges of meeting EU's GDPR requirements, ISO27001:2022 is emerging as an increasingly popular method for demonstrating data protection and security compliance. ISO27001:2022 sets out global standards, specifications and best practice for implementing a comprehensive security framework and robust security controls to effectively and efficiently protect personal data. The framework includes a series of security controls which address system security, risk assessment, incident management and business continuity among others.

One important aspect of ISO27001:2022 is that it enables organizations to demonstrate their compliance with the GDPR by outlining how processes and systems are being adapted and secured alongside data protection and privacy principles. Complying with GDPR requirements helps to protect citizen data privacy, mitigate cyber security risks and also reduces organizations’ risk of incurring data breach costs or fines.

A key element of ISO27001:2022 is that it is integrated with ISO27002:2022 and ISO27701 two of the most widely adopted standards for security controls. These controls provide an effective set of management processes to ensure that data is kept secure, monitored and when necessary destroyed in an appropriate manner. For example, ISO27002:2022 sets out how to securely store proprietary information in the cloud while ISO27701 provides guidance on how to protect customer identity data, monitor and ensure access to this data is granted only when necessary.

Despite GDPR being a business imperative, it can be a difficult and confusing process to try and ensure GDPR compliance. With so many controls specified under GDPR, ISO27001:2022 enables organizations to easily integrate these various processes within their existing operations. Using the security controls set out by ISO27002:2022 and ISO27701 provides organizations with a well-defined and comprehensive structure to build their security operations upon. This structure can provide invaluable guidance and strategic direction for GDPR compliance as well as setting out clear expectations for management when setting up information security programs.

Overall, ISO27001:2022 can help organizations streamline their GDPR compliance efforts as it provides a concrete set of security controls based on ISO27002:2022 and ISO27701 to cover the most important areas of data protection. By implementing a comprehensive security framework with these integrated standards, organizations can ensure they meet all of their GDPR requirements and demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that their data is being adequately secured and protected.

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