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Cloud Heroes

We spoke to Cloud Heroes Director, Pete Wordley to hear about the company’s journey through ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Why did you decide to pursue ISO9001:2015? IT is a competitive marketplace - our business performance and customer experience needs to exceed expectations. For 20 years we have prided ourselves on delivering “better solutions, better value.” We wanted to back this statement up. Achieving internationally recognised certification was the obvious option. Why did you decide to seek the support of NDC Certification Services Ltd? The specification for this standard is large. We didn’t know where to start. In fact, we didn’t really understand what was required of us. Another company that we do business with immediately recommended NDC, so we got in touch. It was the best advice we could have had. What challenges did you face on the road to accreditation? The challenges that we anticipated were removed by NDC's approach. We were concerned that we would have to change the way we do business. We were expecting to have to reconfigure our working practices to fit the framework but that wasn’t the case. NDC took their time to understand our business needs and existing practices. We realised that we were doing a lot of things well and just needed to back it up with the appropriate paperwork. A year on, how has ISO9001:2015 certification benefitted your business? In ways that we weren’t expecting. Going through the process of accreditation showed us that we were already delivering beyond our customers’ expectations. For us, the greatest impact has been shifting to a process-driven way of working. We’ve achieved efficiencies that we hadn’t considered. Everyone, from our employees to customers and key stakeholders, now understands how we work. New members of staff slot in very quickly because they are aware of our expectations and how we do things from the outset. Customer satisfaction has never been easier to achieve because it’s built in to an automated way of working. How did NDC assist? NDC evaluated our existing systems and made them stronger. Dawn and the team worked with us to achieve our goals in as few moves as possible and with minimum disruption. NDC made the whole process a comfortable one. They shared the burden of what could otherwise have been a very stressful and disjointed process. Achieving accreditation is only part of the story though. We needed to test out and adjust to new ways of working. That takes time. NDC were alongside us every step of the way with 3 monthly reviews of how our policies were operating in practice. We couldn’t go too far off track with the continuous support in place. The partnership is an on-going one. NDC continue to support our internal audits and as a result we have just achieved recertification with LQRA. Did NDC deliver the support required? NDC Certification Services haven’t just provided support, they have become part of our business. They are our internal quality assurance team, supporting and sharing our goals. We wouldn’t consider working without them now.

Cloud Heroes

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