Take your training and support beyond the classroom. Courses that display the ‘Training +’ sign give you FREE access to our business compliance mobile applications. Learn how to use them in training and enjoy the full range of benefits on-site.

Risk assessment and internal auditing is much easier when your documents and support are always to hand. Our mobile apps have everything you need to stay on top of compliance wherever you are:

  • Standard clauses explanations.
  • Audit checklist.
  • Risk assessment tools.
  • Upload reports and share with co-workers.
  • Remote access to expert lead auditors.

Where you see the ‘Training +’ logo, you can download a free app to support tutor lead learning before, during and after classroom delivery.

Benefit from Training Plus on the following courses:

For further details contact our training team on 0333 939 8797 or email info@ndcmanagement.co.uk

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