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Implementing ISO45001 Standards

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Implementing ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001 is the international standard for occupational health and safety management that provides a framework for organisations to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions. With ISO 45001, you can ensure that you are meeting the highest standards set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and are legally compliant. Implementing ISO 45001 will enable you to improve the health and safety culture in your organisation, reduce risk of accidents and increase efficiency in the workplace. With ISO 45001, you can benefit from improved safety performance, increased employee engagement and satisfaction, and fewer incidents and emergencies. Invest in ISO 45001 and you won't regret it.

Benefits of implementation

  • 1. Improved safety: ISO 45001 enables organizations to create a safety management system that effectively addresses risks and opportunities in the workplace. This reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries to employees and other members of the public.
  • 2. Reduced costs: Implementing ISO 45001 enables organizations to save money through improved processes, preventive maintenance and routines. This could be in terms of fewer product defects due to better procedures, or fewer accidents due to stricter safety standards.
  • 3. Improved employee engagement: ISO 45001 encourages organizations to implement a strong system of communication and employee engagement. This helps increase employee morale, improves productivity, and suggests to staff that health and safety are of paramount importance to the company.
  • 4. Higher trust: Companies and organizations that demonstrate commitment to safety and health standards are more likely to gain the trust of potential customers. This in turn can improve their reputation and increase their market share.
  • 5. Improved compliance: Complying with ISO 45001 is also required in some cases by law, or for organizations to gain certain certifications or credentials. For companies whose clients or customers value safety, it is a way to show that a commitment to healthy and safe practices is in place.

Specialist ISO45001 Software 

Our software ISOcomply will help you to demonstrate continual improvement and a organizational-wide commitment to occupational health and safety. Our low code / no code platforms provide an easy way to implement ISO45001:2018. These platforms offer flexibility to meet the specific needs of a business while conforming to the standards outlined by ISO45001.

This allows a business to quickly modify and deploy systems without having to write any code. This eliminates the cost and technical complexity of coding as well as the time-consuming process of debugging and testing. Low code / no code software also provides better tracking of workflows and data than a manual system. This makes it easier to ensure all areas of a business are compliant with the ISO45001:2018 standards. In addition, changes can be made quickly and effectively using a low code / no code platform, meaning businesses can stay up to date on the latest standards and regulations.

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