Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Internal Auditor

Duration :

2 Days

Course Overview

Equip your team with the skills to conduct internal audits against the requirements of each ISO standard. This course will support you to achieve legal compliance and develop a greater understanding of your organisation’s IMS.


This course has a strong emphasis on:

  • How to prepare for certification or re-certification
  • The planning of your internal audit programme
  • Identification of hazards, risks, impacts and aspects.
  • Interview with top level management
  • Communication and participation (workforce engagement)
  • Critical supply chain (influence and control)


Delegates will develop an understanding of Annex SL,  the top level structure of ISO standards along with the individual clause of each standard.


Day two will involve a group exercise that will enable delegates to conduct a live on-site audit to ensure learning outputs are put into practice. NCR's, OFI's and Conformity will also be covered in this course 

Course Content

    • The features of an integrated management system (IMS).
    • Annex SL and clauses of the standards and how they are aligned.
    • Getting ready for ISO45001 migration (if applicable) 
    • Risk based approach internal and external
    • How to assess hazards, risks, impacts and aspects.
    • Evaluation of legal compliance and legal registers.
    • How to prepare for internal and external audits.
    • Developing your internal audit programme.
    • Practical internal audit group exercise and review of findings.
    • Managing non-conformities.


    Open course:
    £325.00 per person plus VAT (ask about our discounted rate for groups)
    On-site training: £1,795.00 plus VAT (up to 10 delegates)

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