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ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

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ISO 45001 is the new globally-recognized standard for developing, implementing and managing an effective safety and health management system. It helps create a safe and healthy work environment, free of injury and ill-health, by reducing operational risk and protecting workers from workplace hazards.

ISO 45001 provides organizations with a framework to maintain excellence in safety and health management, resulting in greater productivity and enhanced business performance. Benefits of adopting ISO 45001 include improved safety and health performance, increased profitability, greater risk management, improved customer confidence, employee satisfaction and wellbeing, and an improved organizational culture of safety and well-being.

Adopting ISO 45001 helps organizations gain a competitive edge, remain compliant with industry and legal safety and health requirements, and reduce the overall costs associated with health and safety. With ISO 45001, safety and health is treated with the same attention to detail as other strategic areas in business.

How Can NDC Help?

Experience across a wide range of industries

The NDC team of qualified lead assessors has extensive experience of implementing effective occupational health and safety management systems in a number of industries.

We can work with you to:

  • Achieve ISO45001:2018 certification or re-certification
  • Create and maintain an integrated management system to control quality, health and safety, and environmental standards
  • Assist with Integrated Management Systens 

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