Hazop & Operabilities Studies

Course Overview

The aim of the 2 day course is to introduce and develop a basic understanding of the Hazard and Operability Study technique by means of short presentations and a syndicate exercise.
The syndicate exercise will be chosen to match the client’s activities. The course is intended for people in the process industries who intend participating in HAZOP studies,
including design engineers, project engineers, production supervisors, maintenance supervisors and equipment vendors.


After completion of our Hazop course the delegate should be
able to:
- identify when to apply HAZOP
- understand the HAZOP guideword method
- understand the human and engineering data resources required
- be able to plan and report a HAZOP study
- contribute more effectively at HAZOP study meetings

Course Content

    - Introduction - What is a HAZOP?
    - Hazard vs. Operability Study
    - HAZOP Methodology
    - HAZOP Terminology
    - Consequences & Safeguards
    - Group Exercise
    - Discussion & Review of Day 1 learning

    - Review of HAZOP Process
    - Quantitative Hazards Analysis
    - Risk Rating of Hazardous Events
    - Deriving Recommendations
    - Communication
    - Course learning review and close

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